Real Customers of Genius

Janet Presents: Real Customers of Genius

Today, we salute you, Mr Verbal Tipper.

(Mr. Verbal Tippppppper)

We all know servers don’t work to make tips. We just want to know we did a great job.

(I just want your approval)

They say money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy a college student booze and books. And your empty compliments can’t buy anything.


Oh, you maven of Stepford, you master of Yuppieville. I hope you feel fancy and look rich when you drink White Zinfandel in your polo shirt.

(Let’s just double the tax!)

With any luck, you’ll not only tell me how great I was, but you’ll leave a religious brochure next to that 10% tip.

(But I don’t wanna go to hell!)

So thank you, Mr. Verbal Tipper. Because when a recession hits, you keep my confidence up and my wallet empty.

Here’s to you Mr. Verbal Tippppperrrr

*Inspired, obviously, by Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius*

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One Response

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE verbal tippers! I verbally tip all my creditors as often as possible in liu of a check. And the religious pamphlets printed to resemble money are my absolute favorite! I stash and send those into my college loans seeing as how I can save them in the afterlife since they have nothing to do with me achieving a big girl job after 6 years of schooling and being stuck in a crappy economy in this life. Yup.
    Usually a wink and a smile can get me a free drink if I go to the right bar but then, I might actually be stuck with the sucker trying to have a conversation with me when all I wanted was the booze. ahhhhh nothing is free.

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